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SSL CERTIFICATES World known SSL Certificates BUT at Better Price.

Validation is a key SSL feature. We’ll help you learn about the different levels of validation and how to tell them apart.

Level of Validation

Domain Validation (DV)

Perfect for securing a small websites.

Quick Activation
Static Seal
No Paperwork Required


DV SSLs from ₹499/year

Level of Validation

Organization Validation (OV)

Recommended for securing websites that save and retrieve customer info eg. logins etc.

Dynamic Site Seal
Trustworthy for Visitors
Requires Paperwork


OV SSLs from ₹2,100/year

Level of Validation

Extended Validation (EV)

Perfect for securing sites that take in more sensitive customer information (eg. Credit Card Data)

Green Bar in Browser with Pad Lock
Highest Trust for Visitors
Paperwork Required


EV SSLs from ₹6,750/year

Single Domain SSL

Single domain SSL provides security only for one domain with or without www.


yourdomain.com / www.yourdomain.com


SSLs from ₹480/year

Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL secures multiple sub-domains of one domain with single SSL.


uk.yourdomain.com, us.yourdomain.com & www.yourdomain.com virtually anything.yourdomain.com


SSLs from ₹4,580/year

Multi-Domain SSL

Multi Domain SSL provides security for multiple websites by including several domains on one SSL. It’s perfect for businesses having multiple domains looking for one SSL.


yourdomain.com, yourdomain.us, yourdomain.biz, yourdomain.uk etc


SSLs from ₹1,380/yr