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99.95% UPTIME


  1. Secure Email Server – Every email goes and comes through SSL protected mail server.
  2. Secure Webmail – Check mails online using a secure, feature-rich, advanced webmail interface of MailEnable / Horde.
  3. All Device Compatible – Get mails on Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop or Check via Browser.
  4. POP3 & IMAP Support – Enables you to Download Mails or Sync Mails between your devices.
  5. SMTP Support – Sends authenticated emails via devices or scripts.
  6. Domain Keys & SPF Ready – Helps to avoid mail getting to the spam folder of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
  7. SpamAssassin – Basic Anti Spam Filter, Set it to mark incoming junk mails as [SPAM] or delete them.
  8. Forwards – Setup mail forwards to get copies of a mail on different addresses.
  9. Email Auto Responders – Set up an auto-response with a custom message when someone sends you a mail.
  10. Email Aliases – Get mails coming to your different email addresses in a single mailbox, with aliases.
  11. Editable MX Record – System is compatible in case you wish to host mail services elsewhere, like on Exchange, Gmail, etc.
  12. Mail Control Panel – You can create a separate mail specific control panel for your users too.
  13. Attachment Limit: You can send/receive your emails with an attachment limit of 100MB.
  14. Mail Quota: Every mailbox comes with an ample 5GB storage space, and a total max of 50GB mails storage.
  15. Anti Spam Monitoring: This means your legitimate email flow won’t get affected. Our systems monitor anti-spam activities in real-time,

You’re Protected!

    • 30 Days Money-Back:
      We want you to be satisfied, hence all plans come with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, It’s worth a try!

    • 99.95% Uptime:
      99.95% is what we guarantee & we had been exceeding this in the past.

    • Best Price Renewal:
      We value you & will never rob or trick you with exorbitant price at the time renewal.

    • Fast & Friendly Support:
      We believe that your success is our success. Hence our tech team is always excited to go a step beyond to assist your online success.

    • Stress-Free Hosting:
      That’s our core value & the reason that makes our clients stay with us not for years but for decades.

  1. Install WordPress instances in a click
  2. Copy a WordPress instance
  3. Secure Against Attacks
  4. Mass Management of WordPress instances
  5. Manage & Update WordPress, Plugins, and Themes
  6. SSL Status Check
  7. Security Status Check
  8. Get Updates Notifications
  9. Enable / Disable Maintenance Mode
  10. Enable / Disable Debugging
  11. Enable / Disable Password Protection
  12. Upload / Manage Files & Folders.
  13. Copy Data – Copy Files, Folders & WordPress Database in a click.
  14. Clone – Create an exact copy of your WordPress website.
  15. Attach or Detach WordPress website from a domain.
  16. What a bliss 🙂
  1. PHP 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1 & 5.6  – Run the latest or the old scripts. Varied versions fo PHP are available from 5.x – 7.1.
  2. MySQL 5.6.x – Fully Optimized to give a good performance.
  3. FastCGI – Helps in executing time-consuming cgi scripts fast.
  4. SSI – Server Side Includes helps in including the content of one file to another.
  5. Image Magick – Helps in displaying, creating, converting, modifying images.
  6. GD Library – A graphic library helps in dynamically manipulating images.
  7. Ioncube Loader – Run ioncube encrypted files easily and fast.
  8. Crontab – Schedule scripts to run at a particular time of a day.
  9. Curl – Curl scripts execution is disabled by default for security reasons.
  10. PhpMyAdmin – Manage MySQL Databases easily over the browser.
  11. PHP Memory – You’ll get 256MB PHP Memory to run PHP scripts glitch-free.

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Why host with grabweb?

Dependable since 1999

Rely on our 21yrs of Experience, 40 Countries & Multiple Awards.

Super Fast Servers

We use top of the line, blazing fast servers from Dell, HP & SuperMicro.

Quick Friendly Support

Our team is just a call away to help you with a smile.

Renew @ Same Price

We value your business & will never rob or trick you at the time renewal.

Honest Pricing

Our pricing is simple and uncomplicated..

Website Transfer

Relax, our experts will be happy to move your website content & dbs.

Award Winning Hosting

We are honored multiple times for multiple services worldwide.

Globally Certified DCs

All our Datacenters are Tier III & IV Certified Worldwide.

24x7/365 Monitoring

Before you know of a server problem, our experts will tend to fix it.

FAQS - Your Questions Answered

Can I Register / Transfer my domain later ?

If your selected plan includes a free domain registration or transfer, then you must to apply for the same at the time of order, later it can't be offered free. However if your plan does not include free domain registration or transfer, then you can do so later too.

Is there any email quota on my plan?

Yes, every plan's email account comes with a 5GB quota, and a total of 50GB per account.

Will I get Free Website Transfer ?

Yes, Relax! Our friendly expert team shall migrate your website data from your old host. Data migration shall include your website files, folders, & databases too.

Which hosting is better Linux or Windows ?

Well both the platforms are good in their own respect. If your website is developed in a CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc or in PHP, we would recommend Standard Hosting (Linux). But if your website is developed in asp or asp.net you must go ahead with Windows Hosting. Both hosting platforms come with similar control panel interface and similar functionality. You won’t even know what’s at the back end. You can manage both using your Windows Laptop, Computer or any Mobile Phone. It’s Easy.

Will I loose data if I change my plan later ?

Absolutely Not! There won’t be any data loss, all your emails, hosted files, databases, and your access details like passwords shall get migrated to the new plan seamlessly.

With from our clients!