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Junk Freezer

20 Million Mails Scanned & Counting !

Key Features:
      • Cloud based Advanced Email Filtering Solution.

      • Requires no Software to be Installed.

      • Requires no Hardware to be Purchased.

      • Blocks junk mail before it reaches your mailbox.

      • Keeps blocked mail for 30 days, Never miss an email !

      • Manage blocked mails via easy web interface.

      • Saves on Time, Data Usage & Storage Space.

      • Quick Activation !

Junk Freezer

Plan Protects  Filters # of Mailboxes # of Messages Ctrl Panel Price
One Domain Spam, Virus & Phishing 100 Unlimited
Rs 250 / month
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Five Domains Spam, Virus & Phishing 100 / Domain Unlimited
Rs 1,000 / month
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Twenty Five Domains Spam, Virus & Phishing 100 / Domain Unlimited
Rs 4,000 / month
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Hundred Domains Spam, Virus & Phishing 100 / Domain Unlimited
Rs 12,000 / month
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Everyday, Save your Time !

Are you spending your valuable time everyday, to manually fish out valid emails from heaps of spam containing:: Ads, Fraud Schemes, Porn or Phishing Attempts? Switch to Our Advanced Enterprise Class Email Filter that automatically detects the unwanted email and freezes it.

“Junk Freezer” never lets any suspected or virus infected email reach your mailbox, it quarantines it. All Quarantined emails are kept for 30 days and are accessible through a user friendly login interface. Accept, Reject, Whiltelist or Blacklist trapped mails in just a click.

It’s Powerful !

Junk Freezer is an intelligent mail filter that pools up individual user choices collected worldwide based on latest trends and applies it on every mailbox it scans. This pooling quality of  Junk Freezer makes it really powerful than all generic spam filters available.

Always Fresh !

a) Hourly Virus Definitions Update
b) Daily Spam Rules Update
c) Instant Custom Rules Update

Never Miss an Email Again !

Most of the SPAM Filters either delete the suspected mail or tag it as SPAM in the subject line or ask for the authorization which requires a manual intervention, in all these cases there are bright chances of loosing an important email. Whereas Junk Freezer never deletes an email nor asks the sender to authorize it and nor it marks it as a SPAM in the subject. It freezes all the suspected mail and passes only clean mail. If you ever find anything trapped in the Junkfreezer which is not a SPAM, just accept “Accept and Train” and your mail shall be delivered to you and the Junkfreezer shall be trained as well.

How fast can the Junk Freezer be activated ?

Well, It takes much lesser time than what it takes to freeze the water !